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Razer Turret for Xbox One brings Keyboard and Mouse made for Couch Gamers

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Keyboard and mouse support for Xbox is one thing that couch gamers can really appreciate without having to play PC games. Razer has come up with its new range of Keyboard and Mouse combo for Xbox that is surprisingly comfortable to be used sitting on a couch. While any wired or wireless keyboard and mouse can be used with Xbox it was never a very comfortable experience. Additionally, some games are always better to have the added precision of the mouse and keyboards make movements more precise and easier. This always made PC gaming distant from the Xbox gaming where you were mostly stuck with the controller.

razer turret for xbox oneThe Razer Turret combo is something that can greatly make it a first choice keyboard and mouse to pair up with your Xbox without being uncomfortable sitting on the couch. Though for now it is available for only Xbox One console which in another way is a sign that the upcoming new console will also have support for keyboards and mouse. It greatly diversifies the Xbox gaming scenario with more opportunity for PC Gamers to come around and have a go at the Xbox gaming. On the other hand, Xbox gamers will surely love the added opportunity for precision with mouse and keyboard.

Razer Turret for Xbox One Features

The Turret combo comes with a USB dongle that can pair both the keyboard and mouse with a single connector. Going with Razer’s trend of designing minimalistic and solid computer peripherals, the Turret is a minimalistic metal construction with Chroma RGB Lighting and Typical Mechanical keys Razer is associated with for a long time. The construction is lightweight but sturdy and sits very comfortably on your lap while using it from couch. It has its own sliding tray that hold the mouse which unlike the earlier Turret which had a foldable mouse pad.

The whole setup is comfortable even while using it in an inclined position on the couch. The mouse was hold on the mouse pad using magnets which made it stick to the tray and did not slide out. The earlier ones too had magnets, the newer Turret made them stronger and was more secure to hold the mouse in place while playing games. It is a learning curve at the first instance with the magnets holding the mouse down making a sticky feeling each time you move the mouse. Once you had passed the initial learning curve, it was comfortable and precise.

Where to Buy

razer turret for xbox oneMoving to the modern USB Type-C, the keyboard charges using the port however the mouse will need the older Micro USB to charge. It can although be charged passively through the Keyboard but that again will need a Mini-Display Port. This seems bizzare with the different connectors used for connection and charging, they could have easily gone with USB Type-C for all connections.

However, this con can be overlooked by the insane battery life of the keyboard standing at nearly 11 hrs with the RGB turned on, switching off the RGB will allow it to last for 40 hours. It has the Xbox key to make the options more conveniently accessible during games. All this do come with a price tag of $250.


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