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PS4 to Launch Kingdom of Hearts 3 Limited Edition Bundle this Month


This new year PS4 is gearing up for an early surprise to add to its limited edition bundles with Kingdom of Hearts 3 Limited Edition bundle. It is expected to release alongside the popular title on PS4 Pro this January. Sony Interactive Entertainment and Square Enix have planned to unveil the limited edition console on the day the game hits the market in North America. You can even pre-order the console with a Delux edition physical copy of the game that will come along with the console bundle now. It is to be sold exclusively in Gamestop where you can log in to pre-order it to get the game on release day with the console bundle.

kingdom_hearts_3_limited_edition_ps4 console The console combo is a 1TB PS4 Pro hard drive that can store your favorite titles without any issue. Inside the box, you also get the newer Dualshock controller with the Kingdom of Hearts 3 makeover. The controller has the decorative makeover on the D-Pad and touchpad. Carrying forward the Kingdom of Hearts 3 theme, the console also has a dark leather finish with a grey logo of the popular title. Inside the box, you will also get the Delux edition physical copy of the game to make it a perfect combination for Kingdom of Hearts 3 lovers.

When it is Arriving

It is expected to hit the markets on 29th January with the release of the popular game title. The physical copy that comes with the console combo is the deluxe edition which contains special items like a sora pin, steelbook, and hardback artbook. The game is coming for both consoles with Xbox and PS4 on the same day of 29th January. It is exclusive to Gamestop and EB Games in the US and Canada. The hardware is limited edition and will be very elusive without any information for open sale available on stores or Amazon.

Where to Buy

The price for the limited edition console bundle is $399.99 which considering the physical copy of the deluxe edition of Kingdom of Hearts 3 included is a steal. A regular 1TB console comes at around $399.9 which does sometimes include some games which are mostly not worth. However, this limited edition console is priced very aggressively against the usual console combo with an added makeover and a physical copy of the game. The stocks are believed to be very limited as with every limited console that PS4 has come up earlier. So, this will again be hard to get a console from the first party sellers without paying extra charged by the third-party sellers.

kingdom_hearts_3_limited_edition_ps4_pro-4For PS4 gamers surprises are coming sooner than expected in the console gaming market. Sony seems to make the first move here in the console genre with its latest addition to already impressive limited edition console lineup. Additionally, Kingdom of Hearts 3 is expected to a title that brings high definition real-life gaming experience to the console inspired by the real characters. With that said, you must sign up for the pre-order queue before 29th January to get your hands on with the game along with the limited edition console bundle from Gamestop and EB Games.





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