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Limited Edition Spiderman PS4 Pro Console is dream come true for Spidey Fans

Bored of the same old black box PS4 Pro consoles? Here is something that will surely attract some good attention. With bright glossy red finish overall and a big white spidey logo on top, it’s sure to turn some heads.

And if you are a Spidey fan, this limited edition PS4 Console will be on the shopping wishlist for every Spidey fan. This limited edition console sold out immediately after hitting the markets. It shows the popularity of this Amazing Spidey PS4 Pro Console among the gamers community. The bright red paint job, called the “Amazing Red” finish is not subtle in any sense. Additionally, the white accent dwells very well with the favorite Red of the crawly superhero.

Features and Looks

Not only the console is flashy, the specs it packs will keep it in competition with the top of the line consoles. With 1TB storage space and 4K HDR support, get ready for some intense crispy gaming on your 4K and HDR Television.

It gets most of its specs share with Sony’s top of the line console, the PS4 Pro, which in itself is a gamers powerful ammunition. The new paint job makes it stand out from the usual black stealth looking PS4 Pro consoles. This limited edition Spiderman PS4 Console is in no manner something to be kept hidden under the TV cabinet.

The bundle packs comes with a DualShock 4 wireless controller that has the similar red paint job overall. The buttons are white complimenting the bright red accent of the controller. It comes with the DualShock 4 goodness as we are used to with PS4 controllers.

What makes it more desirable is the scarcity and limited availability of the prized console. Only few lucky fans got hold of the console, it eludes most fans as it is out of stock at major outlets.

What is in the Box

Taking of the box, it follows the similar paint layout with a red box with the high flying Spiderman and the console and controller displayed in all its glory.

Inside the box, you get the exciting PS4 Pro console in the Spiderman “Amazing Red” with similar color Dualshock 4 controller, mono-headset, HDMI Cable, power cord and micro-usb cord.

Did I forget something?

Oh yes, the original physical copy of the Amazing Spiderman Game and additional code for more digital content download from the digital deluxe edition.


Pricing is bit erratic now given the popularity and the response from the fans. Most major outlets are out of the stock of the limited edition console and the ones selling have hefty price tags.

The Bundle Playstation was originally launched at $399.99 which sold out very rapidly after the launch. Some outlets are charging a ridiculously price tag of $600 for the console bundle.

Final Thoughts

Not only the console makes the limited edition PS4 special, but the included Amazing Spiderman Game comes with amazing graphics and intense gameplay.

Be your favorite Superhero and put on the red flashy superhero cape and get ready to save the world. Or rather, help Spiderman defeat the enemies on the limited edition game.

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