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OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is One of the Coolest Smartphone of the Year


What comes to your mind when you hear about McLaren and OnePlus?

Speed, Power, and Looks. Yes, you got it right, the new OnePlus 6T McLaren edition holds the reputation true with its sleek design, powerful specs and a blazing fast smartphone. It is powered by one of the most powerful processors in the market coupled with 10 gigs of RAM which in real life is overkill but staggering. OnePlus 6T McLaren edition also comes with one of the fastest charging technology with a 30w charger. Everything on this smartphone is top of the line which makes it a very powerful choice available in the market.

We have earlier seen special edition smartphones priced roof high with very basic specs. However, OnePlus has played the right game with top of the line specs without a hefty price tag. As a smartphone, OnePlus 6T McLaren edition in itself is a very capable device with the powerful specs and excellent design. Honestly, it looks great in person with the orange all-around tint on black glossy back. The dew-drop AMOLED notch display is great with deep blacks and super high contrast colors. The newer 30-watt wrap charge technology promises a full day charge in just 30 mins.


Let us have a detailed one-off  with the specifications that make the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition so desirable:

oneplus 6t mclaren edition

  • Display: 6.41 inches Optic AMOLED Panel with a 19.5:9 resolution having a pixel density of 402ppi
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • RAM: 10GB
  • Storage: 256GB
  • Cameras: Back: Dual 16 MP f/1.7, OIS + 20 MP f/1.7, Front: 16MP f/2.0
  • Battery: 3700 mAh with 30W WRAP Charge technology
  • OS: Oxygen OS based on latest Android Pie 9.0

Inspired by the Papaya Orange color of McLaren’s legacy, the phone has an orange line running along the edges. The back of the devices is inspired from the McLaren’s carbon fiber design which has been a trademark for McLaren who was the first to use carbon fiber in their car design.

What Makes it Desirable

OnePlus 6T is one of the most powerful Android smartphones of 2018 and the most value for money flagship. If you care about design, style, performance, and functionality, OnePlus 6T is a device which is becoming a favorite of many. It provides the best value for the specs it packs at the flagship ends of the smartphone.

oneplus-6t-mclaren-edition-first-impressionsOnePlus 6T McLaren makes everything that was great more stylish and appealing with the extra classy looks and added features. The software side of things also get a refresh with new McLaren inspired wallpapers and themes. OnePlus has made efforts to make the whole experience feel special and top-notch with an extra classy touch. It makes OnePlus 6T McLaren edition, a one of a kind special device different from any other device on the market.

OnePlus 6T McLaren edition finally comes to the US markets for $699 which is fair considering the RAM upgrade and the new faster WRAP charging technology. OnePlus has made it clear that it is a limited edition device with numbered stock. If you are someone looking something unique with a touch of class and speed from being a McLaren inspired device, you must rush until stocks last.

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Nokia 7.1 is a very compelling option for the price of $350

Nokia 7.1 is a very compelling option for the price of $350- Review

Nokia 7.1 comes at a time when devices from top tier manufactures are crossing the $1000 mark like the iPhones and Pixels. Nokia 7.1 is no way a device comparable to the flagship tier, it is a very compelling option in the mid-range segment. Nokia after taken over by HMD global has been back in the smartphone business with its Android models 3,5,7. Nokia 7.1 is the successor of the Nokia 7 that provide an interesting package for $350 price tag.

The specs inside the devices is powerful and capable to handle most day to day task with easy. Nokia has gone a step ahead with the built and look of the device. Unlike other midrange device where use of metal has been the choice. Glass has been used in Nokia 7.1 to give it a look and feel of a premium device, and not to forget the ‘top-notch’ display.


Nokia 7.1 Specs

Nokia 7.1 is a strong mid-range contender for its price and specs. Here are some of the highlighting specs of the Nokia 7.1:

  • Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 which is a great mid-range processor
  • You have the option of 3GB and 4GB for holding up to intense gaming sessions and apps
  • Inside the hood you get a 32GB and 64GB storage options for storing your memories and apps with a hybrid slot for expandable memory up to 400GB
  • The display is a gorgeous 5.84 inch with resolution 1080 x 2280 pixels at a 19:9 ratio with 432 ppi pixel density. It is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with HDR10 for super bright and sharp display
  • There is glass both at the front and the back with aluminium frame for added protection
  • Dual zeiss optics on the back comes with a 12MP+5MP setup, where the 12MP is a f/1.8 sensor and the 5MP depth sensor for those delicious portraits and shallow focus shots
  • Battery is a 3060 mAh that comes with a Type-C connector
  • And a 3.5mm Headphone Jack


What makes it Compelling

Nokia 7.1 does not shout amazing specs or super powerful processor or features. It has compelling looks and design that sounds even better when you take the price in consideration. Nokia 7.1 must be one of the best looking devices in the mid-range segment with its bright tall display and great color reproduction. This display is one of the better ones we have come across in this price segment.

The processor powering the device is one of the proven ones in the mid-range segment. It is capable of hardcore gaming and handling memory intensive apps with ease. 4GB RAM variant is one we would prefer, though 3GB is enough for regular users. If you are power user having the added gig of RAM benefits in long run.


The cameras are great with Zeiss optics and excellent color reproduction. The front camera is 8MP f/2.0 for great selfies. It comes with Android Oreo 8.1 out of the box with Android One program for regular and faster updates. Android one program allows devices to get faster android updates and patches. Nokia 7.1 is a great premium looking device at a mid range price that will be enough for most users.

Where to Buy?





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Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine from Boost Mobile is a device you can trust in a Budget

The newly launched Galaxy J7 Refine comes at a price point within $200. With Samsung’s brand name and trust, this makes for a very compelling device., but it has some catch. To make things sweeter, the new device comes at a further 20% discount on the boost mobile website. If you are in the market for something you can rely without burning a hole in your pocket, J7 refine can be a great choice till you have limited expectations.

It may sound a bit sketchy at first being a Galaxy lineup device at such aggressive price. It may not be the best looking or the most powerful device compared to the other galaxies. Surprisingly, it never claims to be the best device but a practical device. It will get the job done without much flare.

For the price if you have your expectations lowered, this device is not that bad. It comes with a good camera and a decent display. The Galaxy J7 Refine also pack a decent battery of 3300 mAh paired with the HD panel ensures a great battery life. It may not be big on the specs sheet but it has enough to be a device for not so tech savvy person or on a budget.

While there are better devices in the market at this price, they do not come with the Samsung brand attached to it. However, this device should not be a primary device as it is only good for usual tasks like, calling, browsing, texts, casual snaps and social media. The camera on this device is decent and take decent pictures in good lighting. The front and back both have a 16MP sensor which are not great but decent. Let us look at the specs in details for better scrutiny on the device.

Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine has some decent specs for the price:

  • It is powered by the ever popular budget 1.6 GHz Exynos 7885 processor
  • Coupled with 2GB RAM and 32GB of Internal Storage with support of Micro SD Card upto 400GB
  • The display is a 5.5 inches TFT Panel of resolution 1280×720 (HD)
  • Front and back camera are both 16MP with 1080p recording option from the back camera
  • Based on Android Oreo 8.0 out of the box
  • Both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi bands are supported
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light, proximity and Geomagnetic sensors are provided
  • Battery is a 3300 mAh
  • 5 mm headphone jack (sadly it has become a feature now a days)

Final Thoughts

Nothing too striking about the specs here. It has a budget range processor which is good enough for day to day activities but nothing more can be expected. 2GB RAM makes thing tough for the device to handle large apps and more than 5-7 apps running at a time. Gaming is a big no no unless you are stuck to casual arcade games.

It is a device for people on a tight budget. With boost mobile you get the device at $ 179.99 with additional discounts at times. For the price there shouldn’t be much expectation. But the underwhelming processor and RAM will not give a great experience for medium to advanced users. It is a perfect device for our grandparents who do not need much processing power or just a secondary device for calls and texts. Anything more than that will struggle on the device.

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